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Join Us For Two Days of Real Estate and Business Education to Accelerate Your Success!


This event has proven ideas to assist you in launching or scaling a business to the size of your dreams that you may not have heard about. You will have the opportunity to meet High Performance Experts and learn specifically what it takes to accelerate your success in business so you can survive & thrive in today’s economy.

When you attend you will leave with success hacks to grow your business and double your income and discover the keys to attracting financial abundance. High Performance experts will share with you what it takes to generate more leads, more sales and how to have long lasting transformation and ultimate control in life and in business so you step into the inning side business.

If you have ever felt stress over trying to attain financial freedom, this event will share the #1 reason for stress and how to avoid it. If you are looking for keys to obtaining financial capital for your  usiness to give it a big spark and help you ignite your business to the size of your dreams and your bank account, then, you will love this event.

You will learn the funding criteria lenders look at when deciding to provide business funding, the do’s and don’ts when applying for business funding and some ideas on how to use working capital to expand your business. You will learn ways to connect with others on a deeper level and take away some mindset tools to foster even more confidence in owning and operating your
own business. You are a champion, you know you are, you can do this, you know you can.

This event will Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit that can take you to the next level in life and in business. This event is Perfect for existing companies, start-ups, independent agents & executives in transition. See you at the event – Come Early & Dress for Success!



  • You Attend The High Performance Success Summit Virtual Summit to discover the most powerful business knowledge, tools & create dynamic partnership opportunities to expand your business.
  • You Attend The High Performance Success Summit Virtual Summit to learn about new tactics, strategies and technologies that give your business an edge.
  • You Attend The High Performance Success Summit Virtual Summit to help you gain hands-on experience from our experts with critical skills that you can implement in your business immediately.
  • This is a dynamic event taught by dynamic leaders.
  • Learn from Business Experts on how to implement new business-critical strategies and ideas to boost your Small Business.
  • Learn real estate investing strategies that will grow your wealth and size your of your bank account!

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Our Host - Jason Burke

The CEO of the High Performance Success Summit and Networking and Event Expert Jason Burke has produced and promoted over 200 Real Estate and Business seminars since 2010. He has worked with some of the top companies and experts in Real Estate and Business Seminar Space that include they CEO of Powerteam International Bill Walsh, The CEO of 123 Employee Daven Michaels, Realty 411 Magazine and Expo, Noteworthy Convention and the CEO of Icon Media David T Fagan

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Jason is also the President of the Las Vegas Real Estate Insiders Club and Boston Real Estate Investors Club with over 3,000 members.

He has passion for helping small business owners, Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors achieve there goals. He has done this by partnering some top experts in the real estate and business field to speak at his events and he provides real estate and business mentoring as well.

Jason topic is Networking With Influencers > 90/10 Rule Networking With Influencers

1. 5 Steps Process on how to Network with Influencers
2. The Do’s and Don’t Networking With Influencers
3. The Importance Under promising and over delivering
4. The Importance Following Up After the Conversation

Darin Adams

Darin Adams is an award-winning marketing expert who has coached thousands of businesses how to build connections with their audiences. All success starts with relationships and he has taught people all around the world how to build those relationships through automation. Now he’s here to show you how you can get organized, get customers, and get paid.

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You know your business like no one else. The problem is that it’s not enough to just be good at what you do. When a business fails, it’s often because it wasn’t organized to run or grow efficiently. Thanks to new technology, you can concentrate on your strengths and let new tools help you get organized and take care of the steps that will make you successful.

*How can you do better at “speed to lead”? Getting the new contact in your system in record time allows you to follow up with them better
*Make it easy for your customer to contact you and schedule time with you. If it’s as easy as clicking on a button, it will happen more often.
*Stay in touch and you’ll be “top of mind”. If you are providing a real solution, your audience wants to hear from you more often.

The best part is that, while marketing and sales can be overwhelming, tools are available that make it easier than ever before. It now can happen in seconds, not days.

Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps them get organized, grow sales and save time.

Company description:
At Infusionsoft, we’re dedicated to a single purpose — helping small businesses succeed. We believe in the passion and dreams of entrepreneurs. We believe they are job creators, problem solvers, innovators and the backbone of the economy. We help entrepreneurs rethink how to get organized, grow sales and save time. Our extensive ecosystem of products, services and local partners is focused on simplifying sales and marketing so that entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love.

Paul Finck

 The Maverick Millionaire® is one of the foremost authorities in business and
personal development today. Paul speaks to entrepreneurs, organizations and companies of all sizes, empowering them with his energizing message, assisting them with direct answers to the toughest challenges in order to get the results they are looking for in life and business.

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With over 30 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial life experience, Paul has consulted in numerous industries (including the Medical, Dental, Financial, Retail, Informational Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing and Speakers/Coaches/Trainer industries) in 8 countries in 3 continents, producing millions of dollars in sales for corporations, companies, and individuals around the globe.

When you are looking for the strategic plan to get out of your own way, design your future, build great teams, and double your income in the next 12 months, you want to listen to Paul Finck.

Pauls Topic at the High Performance Success Summit is on:
Negotiation Riches – Stop Losing Thousands on every deal!
* The Psychology of Negotiation
* Top key strategies to add 1000’s to your bottom line on EVERY DEAL
* The Dump the Monkey tactic, 
* The Three option psychology
* The Newton Maneuver 
* And so much more…

Brad Blazar

How to use OPM (other people’s money) to build your wealth. How to raise capital from HNW investors to buy, build or scale your business or fund that special project. Learn what you need to be successful in your capital raise. The psychology behind behind raising capital and why most people fail. Why you don’t need a rolodex of rich friends and wealthy people to raise money.

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Brad Blazar is the “go to guy” in business when it comes to raising capital. As the former CEO of an oil company he started at the age of 23, he has sourced $2B for businesses as well as his own ventures. As founder of Capital School, he shares his secrets on raising capital from HNW investors.
His podcast BEAST Nation is the 2nd highest rated show according to Yahoo
Finance / Yahoo News as well as Digital Journal to help people cope with COVID-19.

Hugh Zaretsly

Hugh Zaretsly He specializes in raising capital for real estate transactions and startup business.  In his CE classes, he taught and trained licensed attorneys, real estate agents/brokers and mortgage brokers to think like real estate investors. Hugh has made presentations to wall street analysis and investors. He specializes in raising capital for real estate transactions and startup business

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Hugh fired his boss in 2005 to become a full time real estate investor, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker.

His real estate investing business has acquired over 186 in an 18 month period and his entrepreneur business has generated over $1,000,000 in commissions.

Hugh has taught dozens of presenters to learn how to sell from the platform. 

Hugh will Speak on Airbnb & Productivity Airbnb & Steps Fire Your Boss!
Knowledge is Power. The High erformance Success Summit includes the following topics taught by experts with proven
The keys to attracting financial abundance
How create your own Virtual and live events.
How can you do better at “speed to lead”? Getting the new contact in your system in record time allows you to follow up with them better
*Make it easy for your customer to contact you and schedule time with you. If it’s as easy as
clicking on a button, it will happen more often.
*Stay in touch and you’ll be “top of mind”. If you are providing a real solution, your audience wants to hear from you more often.
Your MINDSET, business owners unwilling to experiment, unwilling to step out of their warm and cozy comfort zones WON’T WIN
Secrets of Power-Networking
How to Attract Potential Investors
How to Stop “ Selling the flirt” and develop a beast Mindset
How to Monetize Social Media
How to Attract Potential Investors
The keys to attracting financial abundance
The Art of Closing Sales
Steps Process on How to Effectively Network with Influencers
The Do’s and Don’t Networking with Influencers
The Importance of Follow up After the Conversation
Marketing on a Budget
New Technology Demos
The #1 reason for stress and how to avoid it
And many, many more!

Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf has been investing in real estate for over 30 years. He’s also an international speaker, philanthropist, and has appeared on most of the major TV networks. In addition to that he’s a regular guest on podcasts, radio as well as in print media.

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Company Name: Mike Wolf Mastery
Presentation Title: Top real estate strategies for the new economy even if you have little or no money
– We are heading into the biggest wealth transfer in history
– In order to benefit from this you need to have the right strategy and right education
– Many of the strategies require little or no money
– I’ll be teaching several strategies

Wayne Wakefield

According to Wayne Wakefield in his talk “Unbreakable Laws of Money”

Wealth has very little to do with money…It is about “Applied
Knowledge and your Mindset!”
What did you learn in high school or college about the one
thing you will always struggle to master…and that is thing
If you are as successful with money in the next 12-months as
you were in the last 12-months…where will you be?
You need a “Mentor!” Do not waste time blazing a new trail
where the wealthy have already traveled!

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Wayne Wakefield Founder, President of Nevada Business Corporations.
Over 35-years in Financial Services, a Businessman, and Entrepreneur.

‘Expertise’ and services include:
Tax Consultant
Investment Advisor
Financial Consultant
Corporate Consultant
Domestic and International Business Consultation
Estate Planning
Pension Plan Restructuring through Self-Directed Ira and
401(k) and Trusts
Contracts, Buy/Sell Agreements, State Licensing Services, and
Board of Director Services.
Formerly a Senior Vice President with Primerica Financial
Services Corporation.

Expertise in Financial, Real Estate Investing, Estate and Tax Planning.
Formerly held a Nevada State Life Insurance License as well as Federal Securities Licenses Series 6, 63 and 26 for Fixed and Variable Securities Products.

Founded multiple Real Estate Investment Companies purchasing over $30-Million of Single Family Homes and Commercial real estate in Nevada, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

Founder & Instructor for “Real Estate Academy Institute”
Founder of the “Financial Institute”

SoFeya S. Joseph, M.A.

SoFeya Joseph, M.A. is the Founder and Creator of i’MAGiNT LiFE™, bestselling author, international speaker, former Olympic Figure Skating Coach, mystic and alchemist.

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After her student, an Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen, lost her Gold Medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics, SoFeya went on the journey of finding The Way to “make the impossible possible” for anyone who wants it.

A high performer and visionary, she gave it all to earn the right to SEE the Unseen and make it available for others.

She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, numerous
certifications ranging from yoga, hypnosis, to High-Performance Coaching, she searched the World to nd answers to such questions as “Who Am I,” “How Creation works?” “Why do we have so many religions, philosophies, therapies, spiritual practices, and people still struggle?”

She is on the mission to uncover the Truth, and leave a mark in the world. i’MAGiNT LiFE™ is a Revelation worth lifetimes of searching.